Asbestos is the name given to a group of naturally occurring fibrous silicate minerals. PCBs can still be released to the environment from hazardous waste sites; illegal or improper disposal of industrial wastes and consumer products; leaks from old electrical transformers containing PCBs; also incinerating some wastes. Lead author Bill Musk, a re… Read More

Asbestos was a gift to the development industry. This versatile material was capable of face up to warmth, erosion and decay and, as a bonus, additionally had fire and water resistant properties, giving it greater than 3000 purposes worldwide. In truth, so enamoured was our constructing trade that Australia was one of many highest customers per hea… Read More

Householders ought to engage experienced and licensed professionals to undertake home renovations and asbestos elimination.Many of the miners and residents of Wittenoom suffered extreme lung problems, together with mesothelioma and asbestosis. Of the 7,000 individuals who worked at the Wittenoom mine from the Thirties until 1966, an estimated 10 % … Read More

Whether you're an employer or an injured worker, find out in regards to the workers compensation process in Tasmania and the best way to make a claim - after which, tips on how to return again to work. You may even find easy methods to make a compensation claim for asbestos-associated disease.The Asbestos Assessor Licence was launched into South Au… Read More

Our inspectors can problem on the spot fines to any individual or business that appoints an unlicensed asbestos removalist, and to licensed asbestos removalists who fail to inform us of licensed asbestos elimination work.Having a say in your workplace is the best way to ensure that excessive standards and procedures are up kept and maintained. This… Read More